Sigiriya Rock, Ancient tanks, Kala weva & Parakrama Samudraya, Ruwanweli Stupa are few of the achievements of our great engineering knowledge of our ancestors. We have been cultivating the entire dry zone with food corps from proper irrigation of water from the hundreds of tanks built by our kings for more than 3000 years. Rice was exported other countries when they were in distress due to severe droughts.King Parakrama Bahu had a fleet of vessels that traveled to the east and made friends with China, Buruma and Cambodia and other neighboring countries. Even king Alexander the great had visited Sri Lanka and out kings have been sending Elephants, Gems , Pearls, Tusks and spices to the Arabian, European and the eastern countries. Our engineering knowledge is a great wonder to the present day world. Our divining knowledge was so great, they dived for pearls in the Indian Ocean even 3000 years ago.

As an island Nation in the India Ocean, being gifted with many natural harbors around the golden coast, Sri Lanka has had a renowned history in the Marine Industry. Today our effort is to recall that past Knowledge and expertise combine with the latest present day knowledge and expertise and sophisticated technologies to bring up totally unique and truly authentic and innovative solutions with less complexities for the benefit of our clientele.

With continuous efforts on Research and Development to upgrade the Skills, Knowledge and the Technologies associated with the industry in order to enhance and maintain the Quality Standards for the sake of providing the best of services on behalf of our valued customers.

Our efforts have been continuous on research and development to upgrade the skills, knowledge and the technology associated with the industry, in order to enhance and maintain the quality of the standards of the sake providing the best of services to our valued clientele.

In the recent years funds for research and development have been increased. Some of the research projects are conducted together with the Marine Institute of Sri Lanaka and under the technical consultancy of the Engineering Universities of Sri Lanka .

Round the clock communications facilities have been introduced to conduct a total salvage and maritime support.our call center and the stand by team is on the alert to face any situation.

We use own special cutting and welding technology that optimized for the underwater operation. Those technologies provided as the result of increasing research and development facilities for the company. In the recent event those technologies have used several salvage missions successfully.